Hello and welcome to the website of the paisley ramblers The group is part of the rambler's and it's official title is rambler's paisley group but paisley ramblers is easier to say. There are some advantages in walking in a group rather than as an individual.
If you are not particularly confident with a map, or unfamiliar with the area, or just want to make new friends what better than someone else to guide you?.
We provide opportunity to visit areas that you may not necessarily have thought of going before.
There is also a little more safety in a group, particularly if you were to injure yourself on a walk – at least there is somebody to go for help.
Another bonus is a chance to meet a new people in a more relaxed atmosphere out in the open countryside.
Within you'll find a list of our walks and some events have a look around and if you are a new walker and you wish to join us for a walk but unsure that you fit enough then just phone the leader of the walk you want to come on and they will give you more details about the walk.
If you’re a member of another rambling group on holiday in the area why not pop along to one of our walks and add a bit of walking to your holiday.
Some go from easy walks to Strenuous walks i.e. a few munros in a day if you’re unsure of your fitness for a walk then ask the leader about the walk.

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