Ramblers Code of Conduct

For Members, Volunteers, Trustees and Staff

The Ramblers main expectation for members, volunteers, trustees and staff is that we work together to help the Ramblers achieve our charitable aims and deliver our strategy. While doing this, we should be guided by our values at all times.

Our values are to be:
Welcoming - to all, and particularly to newcomers .
Positive - looking to have fun and create enjoyment .
Empowering - helping give people the confidence to help themselves .
Inclusive - welcoming people from diverse backgrounds, and being sensitive to the needs of different communities .
Ethical - being respectful of others, honest in what we say, and thinking through the consequences of what we do .
Democratic - working to deepen and improve democracy within our organisation .
Environmentally Responsible - promoting activities and behaviours which are sustainable and which benefit the environment .

Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct sets out the basic principles of how everyone involved in the Ramblers should work together in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding.

1. Volunteers, members, staff and trustees will work together collaboratively to deliver our strategic aims and, in doing so, benefit the wider public.
2. We will uphold the values of the Ramblers and promote them in all of our work – with each other and when working on behalf of the Association with people outside of the Ramblers.

We will challenge attitudes and behaviour which disregard our values.
3. We will recognise the structure of the Ramblers and acknowledge that we may have differing lines of accountability which means that we may have to say no to requests.
4. We will recognise that our organisation is accountable to external organisations and is regulated externally, which means that we cannot always do what we may want.
5. We will aim to communicate our requests and decisions clearly, effectively and with courtesy.
We will avoid language or behaviour which may come across as offensive. We will try to listen to each other, especially where we may disagree.
6. We will strive to make the Ramblers an enjoyable environment for everyone who works or volunteers.