Grades check with the leader before hand if in doubt about your level of fitness for any of the walks

Strenuous (S) For experienced hill walkers with high levels of fitness. Over mountainous & rough ground with a brisk or moderate pace

Moderate (M) For experienced country walkers with high levels of fitness. on lower hills with steep ascents & rough moorland moderate pace

Leisurely (L) For reasonably fit people with country walking experience. Mostly on flat but could involve short uphill sections & rough ground distance approx. 8-12 miles

Easy (E) For walks on flat ground with distance up to 5 miles

ABBREVIATIONS — Gilmour street station paisley — Buchannan street station Glasgow — Queen street station Glasgow
L.L — Low level train
WMCP — Water Mill Car park Paisley Glasgow central station

Group walks

To be considered an official Ramblers walk, and covered by the liability insurance, all walks, including coach rambles, must:

Be brought to the attention of the walks programme coordinator who ideally has confidence in the walk leader’s ability to lead the walk.

Be publicised as a Ramblers activity, in advance, in at least one of the following ways:

on the Group Walks & Events Manager

in a group/area printed programme

on the group/area website

on a group/area public (i.e viewable by the general public) social media channel (e.g Facebook, Meetup, Twitter).

Have a nominated walk leader and ideally a backmarker who (together or separately) have ideally recced the walk.  Both the walk leader and backmarker must be members

The very minimum needed to be publicised in advance is the date, location, meeting point, time of walk and walk leader.

Walk reconnaissance (Recces)

Carrying out a recce for a group walk is not compulsory but is strongly encouraged and considered good practice. If you have not performed a recce, this won’t invalidate the insurance; however, a recce may strengthen a defence should an allegation or claim question the suitability of the route. We recommend recces so that walk leaders can feel confident about the route they are going out on and it’s another way of reducing risk when leading group walks.  

Non-members on group walks

Non-members on taster walks are insured on up to three walks. After that, non-members are not insured and can only be covered by becoming a member. 



All sporting and leisure activities have inherent hazards associated with them and rambling is no exception.

In spite of the safety, of ramblers members being of the paramount concern, accidents will occasionally occur.

It is important therefore that when entering into the activity each member appreciates that they have a responsibility to identify the hazards associated with the activity, and take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimize the potential for an accident to arise. walkers should bring their own provisions and ensure they have suitable clothing and boots.

Never leave a walk without advising the leader.

When using minor roads walk in single file on the right side of the road facing on coming traffic.

Check meeting times and times of public transport.

Leaders may alter a route,change or cancel a walk due to prevailing conditions.

Non members are allowed on 3 walks before being expected to joining the ramblers

Dogs are not allowed on walks unless they are registered assistance dogs only


Safety When walking
For safety, walkers must always follow the instructions of the Walk Leader. Each walker is encouraged to pack a basic First Aid Kit for personal use. The Ramblers has a Public Liability Insurance Policy. This does NOT cover accidents resulting in personal injury or loss which may occur during a walk.


expenses are paid for 1 person to do a recce either public transport or car and the walk must be in the walk proggramme .


Car rates are as follows:

First 50 miles @ .28p
Next 50 miles @ .20p
Thereafter .10p per mile